The new Concorde Carver - a new class is born

Itís sometimes necessary to tear old ideas apart in order to create something new.

Prejudice is just one example. Some people maintain that the term luxury motorhome cannot be used to describe any vehicle measuring less than eight metres in length.

Concorde has now come up with a weighty argument to the contrary: the new Carver, which combines the benefits of a compact, manoeuvrable exterior with the outstanding technology inside the Motorhome of the Year 2006 - the Concorde Charisma.

The single-level floor throughout the living area, raised sitting position, driver-active dashboard, elegant cherry-wood furniture and colour-coordinated upholstery are just a few of the features shared by Carver and Charisma. But the Carver appears very self-sufficient in spite of this, and much more than just a little brother.

See for yourself ...