2008 Season Rimor - Motorcaravans for the third millennium

Rimor planners, designers and engineers work every day to improve the living standards of our vehicles, trying to meet all the needs of people who choose the world of travelling holidays. For about thirty years painstaking care has been given down to the tiniest details throughout production, with a special eye to aesthetics and ergonomic requirements.

According to our construction philosophy, each vehicle must not impose limits to the intentions of those who are about to set out on a journey. We believe it is necessary to support the holiday under every aspect, from safety to comfort. People who enjoy motor caravan travel are well aware that the most interesting aspect of the holiday is exactly the moment in which one is free to move - regardless of the destination, after all what really matters is the journey.

This is why it is important to have a docile and safe vehicle, to spend many hours at the wheel in relaxation.

Here is a brief overview of the 2008 season range lineup:


Enhanced with fittings and with a extremely elegant design, the Superbrig models occupy the range of excellence of Rimorís production. They are made with powerful mechanical units and complete outfitting. The range includes moderately- sized vehicles up to truly maxi models, all with an enviable design and generously-sized storage compartments.

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Good-looking and with outstanding loading possibilities, the Sailer is the typical low profile vehicle with streamlined styling and  well-organised interior spaces. With its exuberant performance, it is the camper with a sporty character. With low overall exterior dimensions, reliable and safe owing to an extremely functional layout, the Sailer is easily distinguished by its racy profile.

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Overcab or low-profile version, compact outside and spacious inside, the Europeo features a low overhang, which is synonymous with agility in road behaviour and a big advantage to driving stability. It is a light vehicle, easy to park, docile and easy to handle while driving and manoeuvring. With features typical of higher range vehicles.

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Agile and light, the Katamarano has a size that allows easy and relaxing driving. The Katamarano has been studied and designed for all travel requirements; it is a truly innovative vehicle, which combines the features of an entry level vehicle with the typical comfort of large sized vehicles.

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