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2010 Burstner Aero Van Motorhome Cab photo

The star shines again: The Burstner Aero Van

Again and again over the last couple of years people have been asking for another new motorhome built on the the Mercedes Sprinter chassis .

Burstner has reacted to this call and now presents the serial version of the Aero Van studies which was introduced to the public in autumn 2007. It combines the quality of the Mercedes-Benz base vehicle with the results of extensive design work with regards to aerodynamics.

Basis is an AL-KO low frame chassis which was optimised in terms of weight and makes now a reduction of approximately 120 kilograms possible. Furthermore all angles and additions are designed for the air drag to be as low as possible. This leads to a very low air drag coefficient and an extravagant appearance which is again intensified by the colour variations black and silver. Elementary are details of the Aero Van such as the side walls in a one-piece smooth metal finish which have an ideal air flow characteristics.

Furthermore, the construction above the driver's cabin has been designed extremely flat and slim to reduce the air drag. Adapted door sills and the GRP rear wall with an air flow tear-off edge complement the aerodynamic fine-tuning.

The Aero Van is designed for a maximum permissible weight of 3,500 kilograms (when travelling with 4 persons). Optionally the increase of the maximum permissible weight to 3,850 kilograms is possible.

Inside, the furniture in a walnut Merano décor with bronze coloured applications and the flooring in tile optic flatter the senses. The equipment is upper class standard.

The Aero Van t 700 has a French double bed as well as a washroom in the rear and an L-shaped kitchen with an adjacent dinette in the front. Its total length is 6.99 m, the width is 2.30 m and the height is 2.70 m. On the inside, there is a headroom of 195 cm and a bed size of 196 times 143 cm.

The basic engine version of the Aero Van is the 313 CDI engine with 129 HP.

So, what's new and what's good about the new 2010 Burstner Aero Van?

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