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2010 Burstner Elegance Cab Photo

A very special motorhome: The Burstner Elegance

The name says it all: The top model of the motorhome series, the Burstner Elegance, has been completely redesigned for the new model year and advances with its formal and technical perfection further towards the luxury segment.

Its appearance is based on the design of a luxury van. The contrasting colour of the window area gives the Elegance a sporty and elegant look and makes it a motorhome of the upper class.

New are the double floors for all 3 axle layouts. The storage capacity rises here to the highest dimensions. For those who appreciate the compliance with the limit of 3.5 tons, the 2 axle versions of the Elegance series are the ideal choice.

The AL-KO elevated frame chassis has been used for all of the 2 axle versions as it helps to reduce the weight by about 100 kilograms.

 Newly formed electric mirrors top off harmoniously the dynamic colouring of the Elegance. The windows with aluminium frames polish the body visually.

The standard version comes with a paintwork in champagne, the Hartal Premium security door, the electric drop-down bed and cold foam mattresses.

The dark furniture doors in a bog oak finish are set off in bronze and represent a harmonious unit with the two-tone formed kitchen which also contains a Dometic refrigerator with 150 litres with a bronze coloured door.

A heat exchanger in the living area and the height adjustable seats for driver and passenger complete the offer.

The Elegance is available in six layout versions: the i 705, i 726 G, i 729 G, i 730, i 810 G und i 821 G are 7.1 to 9.2 metres long and offer four to six berths.

So, what's new and what's good about the new 2010 Burstner Elegance?

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