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Bestseller with more potential: The Ixeo by Burstner

The Ixeo with its innovative interior design concept and the drop-down bed in the living area has had a large circle of friends directly from the beginning.

A partly integrated motorhome with such a variable interior design and an accommodation capacity which has more than doubled - that was something completely new to the world of motorhomes.

The new Ixeo has now got a whole range of improvements for the coming season. There is now additional light underneath the drop-down bed which increases the living quality. A locking device on both sides of the drop-down bed makes the construction more solid so that even on bad roads the bed is safely stowed away. Unlocking the device is very easy at the push of a button.

New storage compartments underneath the drop-down bed improve the storage capacity and a new layout extends the offer of the Ixeo to a total of five versions.

The Fiat low frame chassis with wide track specification is to be used. The new layout will be combined with the AL-KO chassis. This is the Ixeo it 726 G with a rear garage and single beds in the rear which are arranged longitudinal. It has also got a washroom and a kitchen in the centre of the vehicle as well as a spacious L-shaped seating arrangement in the front.

So, what's new and what's good about the new 2010 Burstner Ixeo?

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