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2010 Burstner Solano Motorhome Picture

With every expertise: The 2010 Burstner Solano

Burstner continues to demonstrate all its expertise when it comes to the 'partly integrated', or as we say in Britain, the low-profile Solano series.

The new form of the body testifies a thorough styling and the new model range can also be recognised by a new graphical exterior design.

One novelty is the crosswise fitted skyroof which brings light into the interior during the day and ensures also a pleasant circulation of air. In addition to the standard paintwork in white, Burstner offers the special paintworks silver and champagne for the Solano on request.

All models run on the Fiat Ducato basis with an AL-KO low frame chassis. The empty weight could be reduced by remarkable 100 kilograms due to an optimisation of the weight. At the same time, the maximum towing weight is 2,000 kilograms. These are excellent conditions for trailers and even a compact SUV can therefore be drawn on a trailer.

The interior impresses with the delicate walnut Merano décor and table tops with real wood veneer. The Design Package with door sills, attachments for the cappuccino and the rear as well as the Hartal Premium security door and a special paintwork in champagne and in silver add again to the high quality of the Solano. Optionally an Alde heating is planned for the versions Solano t 615 and t 728.

So, what's new and what's good about the new 2010 Burstner Solano?

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