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2015 Carthago Low-Profile Motorhomes

The Fascination of the Low-Profile Motorhome

Semi-integrated motorhomes: dynamic and comfortable

The fascinate. They are the coupés amongst the motorhomes - flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender drivers cabin gives you a feeling of security and provide the motorhome with great handling. The flat optimises the aerodynamic and gives the semi-integrated a bit of sportiness for the way. An attractive side-effect: due to the original drivers cabin of your basic vehicle, the semi-integrated motorhomes are always a bit more cost effective then the elaborate integrated motorhomes. The T-model therefore forms the introduction to the world of the Carthago motorhomes. It is the world of the premium motorhomes as every semi-integrated Carthago is a fully fledged Carthago.

Profit from the highly-stable, well insulated and timber-free cabin from walls with a full aluminium sandwich. From a roof with hail-proof GRP top coating and the rotting resistant underfloor - all of that is Carthago long-life quality Every semi-integrated is equipped with a double floor. It makes a significant contribution to the driving stability, keeps the living area free from onboard technology and provides storage space. Sympathetic additional benefit: The heated double floor achieves the effect of a floor heating system - you do not get cold feet in a Carthago.

Even the living comfort of the semi-integrated has premium format. This affects the comfortable furnishing, the level floor without step and the stable furniture and the many ingenious ideas that makes Carthago so unique. For example: On request, all semi-integrated motorhomes can be equipped with a perfectly integrated central fold-down bed above the seating group. You may have to take someone with you.

No premium motorhome is lighter than a comparative Carthago. This is thanks to the engineering art of the Carthago developers. It is not a matter of chance that readers of the largest European motorhome magazine have elected a semi-integrated from Carthago to motorhome of the year 2014.




2015 Carthago C-Tourer T Click here for the 2015 Carthago C-Tourer T Low-Profile Motorhomes

2015 Carthago C-Tourer T

The lightweight semi-integrated in the 3.5 ton weight class 

The c-tourer T is the most economical option for getting into the premium class from Carthago. It has many benefits of Carthago included: Carthago Liner premium-class body construction and a real climate storage double floor with single level living area floor throughout. At the same time - typical Carthago - it is still termed as a light -weight amongst its own despite its solid construction. The AL-KO low frame chassis is optionally available for all models. This makes the Carthago c-tourer T even lighter and gives it more driving dynamics.



2015 Carthago Chic C-Line T Click here for the 2015 Carthago Chic C-Line T Low-Profile Motorhomes

2015 Carthago Chic C-Line T

The premium semi-integrated - extravagant and comfortable

It is extravagant, luxurious, comfortable and unique at the same time. It’s high-tech on four wheels. With the chic c-line semi-integrated, you are stepping up to a class of its own: the premium class. Discover the unique charm of this series with its advantages that make the chic c-line T stand up from the other semi-integrated vehicles on offer on the market and provides it with its independence.