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2018 Knaus Camper Vans

Knaus Camper Vans Including floor-plan & seating layouts

2018 Knaus Camper Vans

Compact, manoeuvrable and extremely flexile: That’s a KNAUS camper van! From the small BOXLIFE 540 to the luxurious BOXSTAR 630, you will find countless models with even more layouts and a plethora of options that will turn your holiday into a very special adventure. What is absolutely great about our camper vans: Due to their well‐designed layouts with spacious loading volume and their easy handling, they are perfectly suited for everyday use. That is freedom that inspires!

2018 Knaus Boxstar 540

Our compact all-rounder

The KNAUS BOXSTAR 540 is the most compact solution available when it comes to en‐suite bathrooms. With the large rear lateral bed and toilet with shower cubicle, there is nothing to be desired. The mix of fully‐equipped motorhome and easy‐to‐manoeuvre everyday vehicle, either with a classic semi‐dinette or as a two‐passenger van with a spacious lounge, makes it a true all‐rounder for urban, rural and maritime use.

2018 Knaus Boxstar 540 Camper Van Layouts


2018 Knaus Boxstar 600

Our multi-talented classic

Discover the great freedom on 5.99 m total length. The KNAUS BOXSTAR 600 offers a model diversity that has no equal. Transversal bed in the back, variable double bunk beds, transversal bed plus elevated bed in the front, single beds, spacious bath with shower cabin or permanent bathroom? Here, everyone will really find their perfect holiday room. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fly. At least not yet.

2018 Knaus Boxstar 600 Camper Van Layouts


2018 Knaus Boxstar 630

Our spacious globetrotter

The KNAUS BOXSTAR 630 is the bright star in the van heaven. With an elevated roof, large single beds, en‐suite bathroom and an optional lowerable bed, it combines the best from all BOXSTAR models with the holiday qualities of a full‐size motorhome. It is therefore the perfect companion for all leisure trips.

2018 Knaus Boxstar 630 Camper Van Layouts


2018 Knaus Boxlife 540

Our innovative adventurer

Finding new roads is why we travel. This also applies to the BOXLIFE 540. The individual bed in the back in unconventional, yet is very space‐saving, which benefits the entire layout. Those who choose the bunk beds can still travel together. And for all who add the lifting bed in the front, can even travel with their entire family.

2018 Knaus Boxlife 540 Camper Van Layouts


2018 Knaus Boxlife 600

Our practical sports camper

A sports car? Of course it is! Whether for climbing, canoeing, mountain biking or parasailing the optional lifting bed in the rear of the stylish BOXLIFE is a practical base camp and comfortable hotel room in one. But no worries: relaxing in the sun underneath the canopy is not a problem.

2018 Knaus Boxlife 600 Camper Van Layouts


2018 Knaus Boxlife 630

Our comfortable heavy lifter

You are looking for compromises? You won’t find those here. The BOXLIFE 630 can do more than what you would expect from a caravan. If required, the single beds in the back can be elevated up to the overhead cabinets to ensure a maximum use of space. The optional lifting bed is always ready to welcome small and somewhat bigger passengers and the optional, spacious in‐room bath gives its name proper due.

2018 Knaus Boxlife 640 Camper Van Layouts


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