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2018 Knaus Motorhomes

2018 Knaus Motorhomes

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2018 Knaus Van Ti Low-Profile Motorhome

Our sleek athlete

We have made the KNAUS VAN TI big enough for a real motorhome feeling but compact enough for bendy coastal roads. With its dynamic frame looks, it turns heads and draws all eyes to it. The attention to detail can be seen inside and out in the beautiful round shapes and numerous applications in the finest leather finish. Truly one of the very few sights worth seeing under 3.5 tonnes. And all with an ample payload at an outside width of just 2.20 m.

2018 Knaus Van Ti Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus L!VE Ti Low-Profile Motorhome

Our vivacious model

Sense freedom, enjoy life, discover the world! With our brand‐new L!VE TI series, we make entry into the KNAUS world of camping as easy as never before. Select from three diverse floor plans and lots of options – and align your L!VE TI to suit your individual needs. Whether for a road trip or a spontaneous weekend excursion: with L!VE TI you’ll experience dynamic design, first‐class quality, and a unique price‐performance ratio that sets new standards.

2018 Knaus Live Ti Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus Sky Ti Low-Profile Motorhome

Our universal genius

There you have it – we have Germany’s best‐selling partially integrated motorhome offering the largest layout selection and the best price‐performance ratio and what to we do? We make it even better. For example, we designed an exquisite new floor that will remind you of the planks on a luxurious yacht and the pearly white décor with intricate cross‐grid pattern. Even in terms of function, the new SKY TI has a lot to offer: for example, the practical service box.

2018 Knaus Sky Ti Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus Sun Ti Low-Profile Motorhome

Our sunshine

Get out of the ski boots and get into the warm and cosy KNAUS SUN TI. Our special winterready sunbather stands alone in the partially integrated class. Thanks to the pleasant floor heating system and the innovative double floor, even the harshest winter doesn’t stand a chance. While the snow is falling outside, the comfort and cosiness inside slowly increases in the entirely redesigned living area with its unique lighting and enormous skylight. With this view, everyone will be looking forward to the next trip.

2018 Knaus Sun Ti Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus L!VE Wave Low-Profile Motorhome

Our adventurer

The slightly different TI with lifting bed: With our L!VE WAVE, entering the KNAUS world of camping has become even more flexible. It combines the driving dynamics of a TI with the comfortable sleeping possibilities of an alcove. Four floor plans and accommodations for up to 6 persons turn the L!VE WAVE into a true universal genius. Turn your motorhome into an event area with sensational price‐performance ratio, modern interior design and premium KNAUS quality.

2018 Knaus Live Wave Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus Sky Wave Low-Profile Motorhome

Our waverider

It is good when one has a lowerable bed and even better when one cannot see it. Just as in the KNAUS SKY WAVE. The heavenly dream landscape is integrated perfectly in the roof and provides more than enough sleeping space at all times. With this it combines all advantages of the KNAUS SKY TI and, additionally, a very dynamic presence with its very jaunty silhouette. Always good for a wave of enthusiasm.

2018 Knaus Sky Wave Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus L!VE Traveller Low-Profile Motorhome

Our jubilant traveller

More room for the entire family! Our new L!VE TRAVELLER makes no compromises, with large alcoves and lots of storage space underneath. Within the striking roof structure, you will find a full double bed that can be quickly converted into a play area for your small children. Apart from the best space requirements, the L!VE TRAVELLER also convinces with family‐friendly virtues, such as with its excellent price‐performance ratio or its friendly and modern interior design.

2018 Knaus Live Traveller Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus Van I A-Class Motorhome

Our lightweight

Building the KNAUS VAN I is not light work – but the VAN itself feels that way. Efficient light construction and the highest material quality make it possible. It impresses with its automotive design and a unique lowerable bed construction for maximum headspace. It therefore combines a enormous roomy feeling with especially easy access. Just one thing we cannot offer: Compromises.

2018 Knaus Van I Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus Sky I A-Class Motorhome

Our space glider

The SKY I has always belonged to the very best in its class. In the most recent version, a few additional powerful arguments have been added as to why this will not change. For example, the new front. It doesn’t just make an impression with its elegantly formed lines, but the overview created through the oversized panorama windscreen that has been pulled down is incredible. Come on board and you will feel that there really isn’t a more beautiful place in the world.

2018 Knaus Sky I Motorhome Layouts


2018 Knaus Sun I A-Class Motorhome

Our compact liner

We have caused quite a stir with the SUN I. Enough to now also set new standards under 8 meters. For example, when it comes to the bodywork. Aluminium sheet on the outside and aluminium sheet on the inside with fabric lining and a separate XPS foam layer in between. This is usually reserved for top‐of‐the‐line motorhomes. And now it is also available in the new SUN I single‐axle motorhome. A motorhome made by passionate enthusiasts for real fans.

2018 Knaus Sun I A-Class Motorhome Layouts


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