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2019 Hymer DuoMobil A-Class Motorhomes

Made for Two - Exclusive integrated motorhome for couples travelling alone

Two-Berth Fiat Ducato based A-Class Motorhome on 3500Kg/4500Kg chassis

2019 Hymer DuoMobil A-Class Motorhomes

The HYMER DuoMobil is as cosy and comfortable as a holiday home, and as mobile as a motorhome! The HYMER DuoMobil offers a range of equipment features and functions that have been specifically tailored to the needs of couples travelling alone, making it the ideal motorhome for a holiday for two. It is THE perfect holiday home for couples who want to be flexible on their travels without having to compromise on comfort.

The HYMER DuoMobil is not a classic model range, where several layouts are equipped and fitted with exactly the same features and modern conveniences. Quite the opposite – it’s an innovative and extraordinary layout concept, where the layout is always the same, but a variety of different features and accessories is available.



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