Andy Bottle
Commercial Vehicle Technician & Auto Electrician

Southdowns mechanic Andy Bottle joined Southdowns just in time to make the move to our new site at Anchorage Park. Having worked on engines of all kinds, including narrow boats and fire engines, and with a motorhome of his own, Andy is keen to combine his technical skills with his hobby.

Q What are your key responsibilities?
A As a key member of the workshop team, reporting to workshop manager Nigel Vevers, my main tasks will be electrical fault finding and mechanical work. We offer routine maintenance and services for our customers, and recommend that they have these carried out at least once a year Ė more if they do a lot of mileage. A standard service includes an oil change and checking axle oil levels, gear box and tyres.

Q Briefly describe your average working day
A Thereís no such thing Ė every day is different but always busy!

Q What attracted you to work for Southdowns?
A I started off as a customer and bought my motorhome from Southdowns. I was impressed by the service I received, so when a job came up, both the location (10 minutes from home) and the package appealed to me. The fact that I have an interest in motorhomes is an added bonus.

Q What is the best thing about working for the company
A The people are good to work with and I like to be kept busy. In the past Southdowns concentrated on habitation checks rather than mechanical servicing so my role in the workshop is a new one. Itís only early days, but judging by the interest being shown by customers, Iím hoping I might be the first member of a much larger mechanical team.

Q What is the appeal of motorhomes for you?
A The appeal for me is the freedom to go where you like and the fact that you can be totally self-sufficient. I love the way that it takes 20 minutes to pack a bag and youíre ready to go.

Q If you could take your motorhome anywhere in the world, where would it be?
A Africa or Australia.

Q Finally, if you could fulfil one ambition, what would it be?

A I donít have a particular ambition but generally if I really want to do something, I make it happen.

Andy is married to his motorhome. He says it is the best relationship he has ever had.