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Pneumatic Suspension System for Motorhome

Southdowns Motorcaravans are pleased to recommend the Air-ride pneumatic suspension system, available for Ford and Mercedes-Benz motorhomes.

The system consists of two 8 inch diameter Firestone air springs fitted between the chassis axel and inflated/deflated from inside the cab through a Shrader valve and gauge. This arrangement greatly increases straight-line stability on motorways, in strong cross winds and when being overtaken by heavy vehicles. It enables you to stiffen the rear suspension by increasing the air pressure alleviating any sagging of the rear suspension to to incorrect loading and allowing the vehicles ride height to be kept level. Body roll at roundabouts and when cornering is decreased and the general ride is much improved.

Most recent Mercedes-Benz motorhomes are already fitted with a spacer but some older models may require the additional spacer to be fitted when the Air-ride is installed.