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Alden Internet Satellite

Fast Broadband Internet Satellite for Motorhomes

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Here at Southdowns we understand that for some people internet access can not only be desirable whilst away in your motorhome but it can make being away even more enjoyable.

We are very pleased to offer a great satellite internet solution that can double up as your TV satellite dish to, the Alden Automatic Satellite NetMaster 90. This system offer internet access and the best chance of picking up BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5, even in southern and eastern parts of Europe,

For people who need Internet access in a vehicle with similar functionality to what they’d expect at home or at work, the Alden Netmaster 90 offers just that. Developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency, this system gives reliable web access in almost every part of Europe and beyond. See the footprint map below.

Based on Alden’s 90cm "Platinum" satellite TV system, the Netmaster is simple to operate and can also be used to receive TV signals, although not at the same time. Additional hardware consists of a special 2-way LNB outside and a specially designed modem on the inside of the vehicle.

Download speeds of up to 1024 Kb/s enable the use of VOIP phones which we offer as an option.

40 days access (which can be used at any time during the course of a year) is included with the system and various access packages are available to suit both occasional users and full-timers.

At 90cm, the dish is about as big as a roof-mounted model can be but the dish’s construction means that, even when wind speeds strengthen, the effect on the dish will be kept to a minimum. This is due to the fact that, like domestic SKY dishes, there are thousands of perforations which allow the wind to pass through freely.

Any digital satellite receiver can be used with the dish and, if a free to air receiver is used, thousands of channels transmitted via Astra 1, Astra 2, Atlantic Bird, Hotbird and Hispasat can be accessed. These include all those from BBC & ITV to be accessed as well as most U.K. radio stations. (As with all satellite TV systems, the programmes which can be received will vary according to geographical location).

>>Click here to download the TV footprint map

>>Click here to download the Internet footprint map

Don't be worried about travelling without your IT department on hand, this model is very simple to use: switch it on, press a button and the dish rises up and locates the satellite - it’s as easy as that! With the wireless router the system connects to your laptop without wires so you will also be able to sit outside your motorhome in the sunshine and surf.>

When we fit in our workshops we like to discuss the installation with our customer, tailoring the exact specification to their preferences taking into account what hardware they may already have. If you vehicle already has a TV or a terrestrial aerial then that will effect the way we do things.

>> Click here for photo of a installation in our Portsmouth workshop

Want to know more, or to discuss an installation in your motorhome, please Contact Us.

Prices typically start form £3999.00 + VAT for the fitting of the dish, with modem, wireless router. This will be fully working with internet access configured on your own laptop before you leave our site.

Option extras can include your choice of TVs, TV mounting brackets, Sky Digiboxes, DVD players, wireless dongle or wireless card for laptop, Voice over IP telephone systems (either requiring connection to your laptop or standalone), additional remote controls, invertors, 240 volt sockets etc.

More complex installations, such as those wiring the satellite TV to multiple TV's or requiring hardwired Ethernet ports will also be subject to an appropriate premium.

Customers who already have an existing satellite TV system installed such as an Oyster or Crystop system then we can either remove the existing system and replace with the Alden Netmaster or alternatively combine the two system so that you use your existing satellite system for TV and the Alden Netmaster for internet usage. These would allow both systems to operate simultaneously.

Technical Specification

Operating voltage: 12V
Dish type: "Raven" dish made of high performance, perforated steel
Dish size: 90cm
L.N.B. type: Universal (suitable for digital and analogue TV transmissions) + additional LNB for 2-way Internet access
Mounting method: Fixes to roof with Sikaflex and / or screws
Dish colour: Charcoal grey
Search method: Uses S.S.C. (satellite search controller) which can be mounted in any convenient place.
Search controller dimensions: 175mm W x 125mm D x 40mm H
Typical search time - after first use: Less than one minute
Satellite search options: (available satellites will vary according to geographical location) Astra 2, Eurobird, Astra 1, Hotbird, Atlantic Bird, Hellasat
Receiver options: Can be used with any satellite receiver including SKY receivers
Remote control: Yes - available as an optional extra (D2195A)
Weight of dish & motor: Approx. 18 Kgs
Current consumption during search: Approx. 1.5 Amps
Current consumption of complete system when in use and search completed: Approx. <0.1 Amp (when being used for TV), Approx. 2.7 Amps when being used for Internet access (not including a computer)
Other features: 12V modem supplied. This connects to any computer via a LAN cable or wireless LAN connection
Dish height when down: 240 mm
Space required for operation of dish: 170 cms diameter
Warranty: 2 years
Usage costs for unlimited downloads (subject to "fair use" policy): 600 Euros for 1 year (prepaid), 355 Euros for 100 days (or part of a day) during a period of 2 years, 210 Euros for 40 days (or part of a day) during a period of 1 year. Additional time can be purchased via the Internet or by phone.
Fair use policy: Although the IPcopter network is designed to make efficient use of the satellite bandwidth, additional rules are implemented to provide a real broadband experience for most of the users. The bandwidth is always equally shared between all users of the same type of service and this means that a minority of users cannot block the service for the majority of the users. Especially in peak times, some bandwidth-consuming applications are shaped in order to keep the overall service quality, e.g. peer to peer applications including Skype, heavy download activities and video streaming. This does not mean that those applications won't work but speed and quality might be reduced.

For further detail please Contact Us by telephone or email.