Battery Master

“Helping to keep your motorhome on the move”

If the leisure battery is being charged by mains hook-up or a suitable solar panel, Battery Master will maintain the engine battery indefinitely. This will be true even if the battery is being discharged by a security system, tracking system, clock and stereo equipment.

 If the leisure battery is not being charged, the Battery Master will allow the engine and the leisure batteries to share the engine battery’s discharge. This in turn will allow a greater period of time to elapse before the motorhome fails to start.

 Supply & Fit Battery Master

£85.00 + VAT

 £ 100.00 including VAT


 Battery Master will not work where the discharge is greater than one amp, or where an electrical problem exists or there is a battery fault or there is a battery failure on the motorcaravan.

 Southdowns Motorcaravans & Van Bitz, manufacturers of the Battery Master, will not be responsible for any situation that occurs due to vehicle failure or any situation that occurs because the motorhome fails to start.

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