We love these! Outdoor cooking the South African way!

The Cadac Skottel Braai – now a well-known innovation in Europe– originated in South Africa. When the original ‘Boer’ farmers were out in the open field, to prepare their dinner they took an old ploughshare, lit a fire under it and ‘braai-d’ (barbecued) their meat. They had no butter or oil, which wasn’t a problem because the grease from the meat prevented burning.

Decades ago, CADAC, then a gas cylinder manufacturer, had the bright idea of mounting an industrially manufactured, round enamelled version of a ploughshare atop a pipe on a gas cylinder. This was the birth of the ‘Skottelskaar Braai’ (literally from Afrikaans the ploughshare platter barbecue), which was later shortened to the ‘Skottel Braai’.

Now, many years on, a complete range of CADAC products is available, but the basic idea remains the same: preparing a meal in the open air easily, quickly and healthily on appliances which can be dismantled, folded and packed in a carry-case in an instant.

We love this range of products, we don't think there is a finer way of cooking a kilo of prawns than tossing them in butter, garlic and Pernod over a hot Cadac skillet.

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