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CBE  Narcotic / Anaesthetic / Soporific Gas Detector

Protect the People in Your Motorhome from Gas Attach Whilst You Sleep

Southdowns Motorcaravans are pleased to recommend CBE Gas Detection products.

The Soporific detector, specially designed for caravans, motorhomes and boats detects the presence of Soporific gases in the air. This gas is probably most likely to be present because some villainous scaly has pumped sleeping gas into your motorhome. whilst you are asleep. The best deterrent is therefore not to park in a French Motorway Service station overnight but if you have to we suggest we fit one of these.

This device has been specifically designed for the protection against LPG. An audible alarm informs about the presence of soporific gas in the air before it affects people inside your motorhome.

The sensor signals (by means of very loud noise) the presence of soporific gas inside your wagon.

The soporific gas (which is often used by burglars, apparently) is lighter than air and will therefore concentrate at the top of the compartment; we therefore usually position the detector at eye-height, in the sleeping area of the compartment.

The sensor life is of about 10 years from its installation. After this period the detector must be replaced.

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