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Air-Con AC/DC Kits

Power your Motorhome Air Conditioning with a 12 volt and 240 volt AC/DC Power Unit

We love the AC/DC kits for these Air-Conditioning units. The kit allow you to use the unit whilst on the move (the DC bit) and also whilst on you are hooked up on a site (the AC bit).

The chap on the right? Well if you don't know who he is ask Michael Ayling. He'll tell you about the time he saw him live at the Donnington Monsters of Rock Festival ....

Anyway, back to your motorhome's air-conditioning...this is what Dometic Waeco say about them:

Perfect climate control on the move and at rest DC kits for air conditioning while driving Dometic air conditioners give you perfect climate control wherever you are: at your holiday destination and on the way there. For all air conditioners we offer matching DC kits for mobile operation from the 12-volt vehicle battery.

Air conditioning while driving has a lot going for it: your journey is more relaxed, and your concentration is better. You spend your breaks cool and relaxed. And instead of having to bring your cabin to the right temperature once you reach your destination, you can enjoy your holiday right from the start!

Standard and comfort:
three optional DC kits to choose from
For mobile operation of Dometic air conditioners, we have developed three DC kits with different performance levels, features and functions.
DC-Kit-3, for example, comes with a high-quality sine wave inverter which gives you the extra benefit of a 230-volt power socket for additional electric appliances. The table below helps you find the DC kit to match the air conditioner you have. For more details, refer to our product information.

Standard kits: DC-Kit-1 /DC-Kit-2

Comfort kit: DC-Kit-3

For further details please Contact Us by telephone or email.

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