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Dometic Waeco CA2500 Air-Conditioning Unit

A Popular Roof Mounted Air Con Unit for 8 Meter Motorhomes

High-end model with additional fresh air mode

Here at Southdowns this is our preferred unit for the larger motorhome; anything around the eight meter mark.

These units are unusually available from stock within a few days. So book your motorhome into our workshop and you'll be chilling out before you know it.

This is what Dometic say about it:

Do you have a large or medium-sized camper vehicle? Welcome to your personal climate summit! The Dometic CA2500 high-end air conditioner provides extraordinary performance at modest energy consumption as well as many details for extra comfort and convenience. One feature sets the CA2500 apart from all other camper air conditioners available in the market: the patented, additional fresh air mode. This pleasant and battery-friendly function should be used whenever the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside the vehicle - at night, for instance, or on warm spring and autumn days when the sun radiation is strong enough to heat up the vehicle. Roof installation gives more efficiency and saves space

Cooling or fresh air option - which ever you prefer
Simply use the integrated control to open or close the flap as required. Flap position on “cooling”: The air inside the vehicle continuously flows through the air conditioner and cools down. Flap position on “fresh air”: Surrounding air is drawn into the vehicle, while accumulated heat is blown out at a very low power consumption. The air conditioner is switched off, only the interior fan is in operation. Treat yourself to fresh air whenever and however you want - while driving or at night without opening a window. Special fans and separately encapsulated components will ensure quiet running in either mod.

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