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Elecsol Leisure Batteries

Top Quality 12 volt Leisure Batteries for Motorcaravans, Boats & Caravans

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Southdowns are pleased to supply Elecsol Leisure Batteries.

A World of Applications
Elecsol's 12v batteries can be used successfully in the following list of applications:- Motorhomes, Caravans, Marine (Narrowboats, Cruisers & Yachts), Cars, Electric vehicles, Electric scooters, Commercial vehicles, Tail-lifts, Renewable energy systems, Solar, Standby power.

More Power - Less Weight
Elecsol batteries offer higher power and performance - through the use of unique patented carbon fibre technology. Independent tests prove they give 20% more power output for no increase in the overall weight of the battery.

Dual Purpose
Carbon Fibres strengthen the grid ensuring no plate buckling when used for engine starting purposes. Elecsol batteries can be successfully used as a dual purpose engine start and deep cycle battery.

3 x The Cycling Life
The carbon fibre technology employed in the Elecsol battery range significantly increases the cycling performance and life of the battery when compared to equivalent semi traction batteries. Elecsol batteries will complete over 1000 deep discharge cycles - 3 times as many cycles as the nearest equivalent.

NO plate sulphation
Incredible but true! The major failure of traditional leisure batteries is plate sulphation. This is caused by continuously discharging the battery or leaving the battery in a flat condition. Upon recharging, the capacity loss is significant as a large portion of the battery plates lay a permanent deposition of lead sulphate. Carbon fibre technology incorporated in the Elecsol range of batteries, ensures the battery can be deeper discharged without permanent damage resulting. Highly conductive carbon fibres allow acid to flow deeper into the plate forming a conductive network within the grid preventing the build up of lead sulphation

Product Voltage/Capacity Dimensions

Elecsol 80/100

12v/100AH 277mm x 175mm x 190mm 19.6 kg

Elecsol 90/110

12v/110AH 352mm x 175mm x 190mm 25.2 kg

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