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E&P Hydraulic Levelling System - Jacks

The Rams that Level your Motorcaravan

The system does not work in the same way as other supporting systems where each jack must be adjusted separately and you must still check for yourself if everything is level.

This system does all of this by itself. All jacks are lowered after that first push on the button. As soon as all jacks are down, each jack is operated individually at short intervals until everything is perfectly level.

The system works with light-weight hydraulic jacks which are lowered by operating the control unit. The standard system includes 4 jacks each of which is capable of supporting 1.7 tons. This is sufficient for most camper vans in Europe. Heavier jacks are available as well. Up to 9 tons per jack.

The jacks are fastened to the undercarriage by means of assembly plates.  The jacks are available in 3 different stroke lengths:

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