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E&P Hydraulic Levelling System - Operation

Easy Operation - One Click and your Motorhome is Level

An operating panel is installed in the camper van with which the entire system can be operated. The system is provided with a safety feature and works only if the hand brake has been engaged.

When you want to drive off again, one push on the button is enough to retract all jacks again in less than 1 minute. If you forget to retract the jacks and release the hand brake, then an alarm is sounded and the jacks are retracted immediately.

If you so wish, the system can also be put into manual mode. You can then operate each jack individually again. Suppose that your camper van leans over to the left, then you can push the left button and the camper van is raised slightly on the left-hand side. It is as easy as that.

This panel also shows whether the battery is charged sufficiently to operate the jacks.

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