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E&P Hydraulic Levelling System - Pump Unit

The power to move you and your your vehicle

The jacks have a two-way operating mechanism, which means that they can be lowered and also raised hydraulically. This has the advantage that if a jack has sunk into the mud, it can still be pulled out of the mud. This raising of the jack is not done by means of springs like other systems. The jacks are powder-coated to provide protection against corrosion.

The jacks are operated by means of a 12 Volt electrical/hydraulic pump. The pump works at a pressure of 160 bars. This pump can be installed behind a hatch or in a storage compartment. Hydraulic lines run from this location to the jacks.

And, even in the event of a power failure because the battery is flat, the system can still be operated manually to lower or raise the jacks. The dimensions of the entire pump block are L45xW15xH25. For further detail please Contact Us by telephone or email.