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Maxview Portable Satellite Dish

The Maxview stand at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon Autumn 2007

Maxview Portable Satellite Dishes

Sat TV whilst away in your Motorhome or Caravan

This product may no longer be available - Please see our new Online Shop Website for the latest products

The Maxview range of portable satellite dashes are the entry level products for watching satellite TV on your motorhome. They are portable enough, in-expensive enough and even easy enough to use even in a tent.

We recommend two complete packaged kits that have almost everything you need to get going. You will need a sky digibox, but I guess if you want to watch satellite TV whilst you are away in your motorhome, you've probably got one of those at home that you can take with you.

We suggest the Omnisat 54cm Portable Satellite kit and the Omnisat 66cm Portable Satellite kit.

For further detail please Contact Us by telephone or email.

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