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Nature Pure Ultrafine Water Purifier from General Ecology

Clean and Purified Water in your Motorhome or Caravan

Nature-Pure Ultrafine™ Water Purifier is the only chemical free purifier of its type certified to meet the EPA Guide Standard for Microbiological Purification by removing bacteria, cysts and virus. Nature-Pure water purifier also excels at chemical and aesthetic contaminant removal. Importantly, Nature-Pure water purifier is environmentally friendly, working without electricity, chemicals or wasted water. Plus Nature-Pure purifier doesn't need large storage tanks, double-processing or hold time.

We at Southdowns feel that this is currently the best product on the market - we fit it to the vehicles we take our children on holiday in!

 Nature Pure Ultrafine Specifications*

Flow Rate (liters per min) 1.9
Capacity (avg. liters) 1900
Operating Pressure (min psi/ max psi) 25, 100
Particle Retention (microns) .1 nominal
.4 absolute
Temperature Range (c°) .5° to 38°
Counter-Top Pressure Vessel (diameter. x height)
Counter-Top Pressure Vessel w/Spout
8.4 cm x 20 cm
8.4 cm x 26.2 cm
Under Sink Pressure Vessel (diameter x height) 10.6 cm x 19 cm
Faucet Counter/ Below Counter Height 18.4 cm, 10.2 cm
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