Oyster Cosmo

The Oyster Cosmo is the latest innovation from the award winning Oyster Team, with its attractive design it should look good on any motorhome.

Satellite reception with the Oyster Cosmo offers quality and ease of operation. Many years' research have resulted in newest technology and the special construction with the incorporated universal LNB ensures an optimum reception on a motorhome or caravan.

The Cosmos have equipped with 60 cm double reflector satellite dish and have by its aerodynamic design little wind resistance.

The main benefit of the Cosmo over other units is that the Cosmo has a smaller turning circle and therefore takes up a less space.

The Cosmo Vision is receiver independent so the choice of receiver is yours.The control box is positioned inside the motorhome and ensures that the dish will lock on to the correct satellite quickly and easily and with its alphanumeric menu system its also simple to use.

Technical specifications:
  • Height: 27 cm
  • weight Cosmo:12 kilogramme
  • Folds in dish at start vehicle
  • search time automatically 30-60 sec.
  • 12/24 Volts
  • small turn circle
  • aerodynamic design
  • High-quality finishing
  • Simple service
  • 3 years guarantee

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