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Oyster Vision Auto Satellite TV System on Concorde Motorhome

Oyster Vision Auto Satellite Television System

Automatic Seeking Pan-European Sat TV System

The Oyster Vision is a universal satellite system which should really be Oyster Europe! Europe uses individual country-specific encrypted programmes which many different encoding technologies cannot manage. With its proven and sturdy design and well-known reception range benefits, the Oyster Vision is equipped with a special control unit that works with all popular receivers in Europe.

Whether you take your trusted receiver from home with you on your journey, or connect a digital or analogue receiver of your choice, the satellite search is always done digitally.

The control unit

With this fully automatic control centre, your mobile home will be packed full with intelligent software. With the push of a button, the antenna moves into the last reception position (LEM). If it cannot receive any picture there, immediately the fully automatic search function starts.

The back-lit display informs you about all functions in the selectable languages of D, GB, F, NL, I, E, and S.


With the introduction of the new Vision, we are offering the easiest way possible to stay in touch with what is happening around the globe. This receiver-independent system gives you everything from the UK whilst you are away at the touch of a button.

With its unique user friendly control unit all you do is:

A new concept in automatic satellite reception, the small, easy to use control panel can be mounted in any vehicle, inside a cupboard or out - it's up to you. Follow the 1-2-3 instructions and thatís as simple as it is!

The Oyster will automatically seek and lock onto the correct satellite for your receiver (DVB-compatible, i.e SKY Digibox for British TV) all you do then is watch your favourite programmes.

Performance features Oyster

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