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Truma Duomatic L Plus

A safe gas supply can be provided even easier and more conveniently using the Duomatic L Plus. The gas pressure regulator kit with automatic changeover and remote indicator for two-cylinder gas systems.

The kit consists of a central regulator with pressure gauge, a changeover regulator and a gas hose. Each of the regulators is equipped with a pressure monitor and de-icing system (Eis-Ex). Please note that gas hose W 40 (8 or 10 mm depending on gas pipe connection) is not included and must be ordered separately.

The Duomatic L Plus may also be used in cylinder boxes that are accessible from the vehicle interior. The Duomatic L Plus must not be used in commercially used vehicles, confined spaces (household), campers or boats.

Technical Data

For the different connections on the gas cylinders, Truma offers the Duomatic L Plus in the following versions:

Question: What are the differences between the Duomatic Plus and Duomatic L Plus?

Click here to download the Truma Gas Technology brochure (0.2 MB PDF)

Update: Sorry, we are no longer able to supply this part.

Please Contact Us with details of the part you require.

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