Tyron Bands

Tyron Bands give your motorhome limited run-flat capability and improved control in the event of a puncture or blow-out.

Due to the size and weight distribution of a typical motorhome, controlling a puncture at speed is not always easy. Once you are stopped it is often difficult move the vehicle any distance with a flat tyre without risking some damage to the wheels or surrounding bodywork.

The Tyron Bands system, a British invention originally designed for the military, is an upgrade to your existing motorhome wheel. The upgrade is completed in our workshops in Portsmouth.

Why have them?

With Tyron Bands fitted to your motorhome you can travel with peace of mind knowing the tyre can not come off the wheel. This allows you to drive to a place of safety and at the same time protects your expensive wheels.

How do they work?
Tyron Bands are a patented lightweight well-filler band that converts a standard steel or alloy wheel into a safety wheel. When fitted, it will significantly improve the performance and safety of any wheel or tyre in the event of deflation. At speed it assists the driver in maintaining steering, cornering ,braking and traction control. It provides a short run-flat capability so you can choose a safe place to stop and change the wheel.

Tell me more?
The problem is the way wheels have to be designed. All wheels have a “fitting well” in them. It has to be there for the fitting and removal of tyres, but it is this well that can be so dangerous when you have a puncture. When the tyre is inflated, it is held in place by air pressure, but when this pressure is lost, the tyre can move around freely and drop into the fitting well. Braking and traction is lost, you can lose steering control and the wheel rim can come into contact with the road.

Who uses them?
Tyron is fitted to emergency service vehicles throughout the world including the UK police force - you only fit it once and it could save your life!

Who else recommends them?

Tyron is without doubt one of the most effect primary safety device ever invented and has been tested and approved all over the world. It has for many years been recommended by the Camping and Caravan club who offer 10% discount for members with Tyron fitted.

Pricing including Installation
Pricing is subject to the specification of your vehicle.
4 Wheel Motorhome: 4 x Tyron Bands
6 Wheel Motorhome: 6 x Tyron Bands

Customer Care Kit -
To repair or replace a tyre, the Tyron Band has to be removed. The Kit makes this easy with an extended Allen key and multilingual instructions. It is therefore important to carry the kit with you at all times.

Portable Fitting Machine
This small, collapsible machine weighing less than 3kg is designed to be kept with your vehicle or caravan so that tyre fitters around the world can easily refit your Tyron Bands.

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