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Waeco PerfectView 790 Reversing Video System

7" TFT monitor with colour twin rear view camera and motor-operated camera shutter

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The core component of this system is the new CAM33C1 twin camera featuring two different camera modules and a motor-operated camera shutter. Apart from surveying the area right behind the vehicle this camera also provides long-distance vision far beyond the vehicle.

The twin function is the result of two different camera modules integrated into the camera housing. The 140 colour camera module provides optimal (close) vision when reversing. It is complemented by a 40 colour camera module for long-distance vision towards the rear.

Using the two lenses the camera yields optimal image quality in either mode.

The high-luminance 7" LCD monitor delivers brilliant pictures even when exposed to sunlight. Equipment extra: the motor-operated camera shutter protects the lens when the camera is not in use.

With this top-of-the-range system designed for 12/24 volt operation, you have everything in view and under control!

Waeco twin camera with shutter
The PerfectView LCD790 reversing video system is equipped with the new WAECO twin camera CAM33C1 - a colour camera with two objectives and motor-operated shutter.
The two camera lenses - with aperture angles of 40 and 140, respectively - provide close and long-distant vision both in superior quality.

Changing over the monitor display between close and long-distance vision can be effected automatically (via reverse gear) or manually.
Thus its easy to keep a perfect overview in any traffic situation. The motor-operated shutter protects the camera from dust, dirt and weather.

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