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Replacement Motorhome Windscreens &
Minor Windscreen Repairs

Southdowns are pleased to be able to offer the services of a skilled windscreen repair specialist.

We are also able to supply windscreens for most most coachbuilt and integrated motorhomes. We have regular deliveries of windscreens from Europe via a specialist windscreen carrier. So even if your own dealer is finding it hard to offer you a replacement windscreen, please give us a call.

Chipped, cracked and damaged windscreens are unsightly, can be hazardous and will only worsen if neglected. In addition cracked windscreens are a major reason for MOT failure.

Stone chips can be repaired by means of resin injection and most insurance companies will pay the full cost of a windscreen repair. This not only prevents the damage from getting worse, it also saves the expense of having to pay any glass excess required for a replacement windscreen.

Don't become one of those people who wish they had it sorted before its too late.

For further details, please Contact Us to discuss the work you require.