Motorhome Security

I know from personal experience that nothing spoils a holiday in Europe more than having your motorhome broken into. In my case I had my CD player, a camera and a few other bits and pieces stolen.

It could have been worse. When I arrived at the local police station their was a young German family who'd also had their motorhome broken into and one of the daughters had her confirmation necklace stolen. I don't suppose however much their insurance company coughed up was going to replace that.

Our advice is always to avoid the really dodgy parts of Europe (including French Motorway service stations) and to secure your motorhome.

So what am I going to do to make sure it doesn't happen to me again?

We offer a range of Alarms from Cobra Vehicle Security. We also recommend their CobraTrak Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services.

We also recommend some more basic but effective deterrents such as the Fiamma's Safe Door and the Fiamma Security Handle.

We also fit Dead Locks and for Concorde customer we also offer a very sound lock for the main caravan door, the Quick-Safe Abus Door Lock. This is fitted in our workshop by our very own Concorde Motorhome Technician Herr Uwe.

We are also able to supply a range of  CBE LPG, CO, & Narcotic / Anaesthetic Gas alarms


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