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History 2001 -

The History of Concorde Motorhomes


•Construction of Works II, and a storage warehouse for Works II. Production of the Credo starts in the works.
•First semi-integrated produced at Concorde
•The 1040 and 1090 versions are added to the Liner range, the 1090 being the largest Concorde ever.


•Launch of the Carver, a completely new integrated; The Compact, Cruiser and Liner models are completely revised, and there are more layouts for the Charisma.
•Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher and MTB World Champion Sabine Spitz drive Concorde.
•The new heated press, costing around Eur 350.000, comes on stream.


•Launch of the brand new Concorde Charisma.
•New Sales Manager (Christian Baumgartner) and Development Manager (Joachim Baumgartner).
•New Press and PR agency with completely new Marketing Concept.
•Construction of a new furniture warehouse with a floor area of 750 square metres.
•Construction of a 95 x 12 metre panel production workshop.


•Formation of Concorde Reisemobile GmbH.
•Reinhard Löhner and Jochen Reimann appointed as Directors.
•New production workshop completed, with a floor area if 140 x 25 metres.
•The company founder Helmut Reimann dies in an accident.
•Start of development of the successor to the Charisma.


•To mark the occasion of the 20th anniversary of motorhome production, the Concorde Cruiser special model appears, a luxury alcove based on the new Iveco Euro Cargo chassis.
•Inspired by the success of the Integrated, Concorde adds alcove models to the Concerto range.
•In response to the high level of demand, a Compact with matching layout and right-hand drive chassis is developed specially for the UK market.
•The Directors Heinz and Dieter Reimann leave the company.


•Fundamental revision of the Charisma and C1.
•The C1 is also mounted on the Iveco Euro Cargo base.
•The Liner becomes Germany´s first motorhome to get its own custom dashboard.
•Compact and Charisma are voted "Motorhome of the Year".


•The Concorde Compact wins the promobil readers´ choice for the fifth time in succession