April 2008





The Southdowns Motorhome Handbook - An Introduction

Whether you have just bought your first vehicle from Southdowns, or you are a seasoned motorhome owner, there will always be things you don’t know or are unsure about. When we handed over your vehicle to you, we will have given you the handbook for the particular make and model that you have bought, together with all the instructions you need for the various systems and appliances inside your motorhome. But before you take to the road, there are a range of other issues relating to legislation and products that you may like to familiarise yourself with.

Ensuring your motorhome is both safe and legal are vitally important both to you and your family, and to us. At Southdowns we work hard to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We want you to really enjoy the vehicle you have bought from us and come back to us for all your future needs. To help make your experience of buying and owning a motorhome even better, we have produced our own guide to using one.

Some of the questions we are asked most frequently are:

• How do the seatbelt laws apply to motorhomes?
• Will any garage do my MOT?
• Do I need a special licence to drive my motorhome?
• What do I need to know when travelling abroad?
• What are the regulations about vehicle weights and towing?

Our guide answers all these questions and more. By talking to you, our customers, we have included the subjects that you are most interested in. However, if there is a topic that we haven’t covered and you would like to know more, we would be happy to hear from you so that we can keep this guide as topical and relevant to your needs as possible. We hope you will read on and find the following pages both interesting and informative.

Michael Ayling
Managing Director
Southdowns Motorcaravans

Remember, this is simply the Southdowns Team trying to offer helpful advice based on our knowledge and our experience. This is not necessarily a statement of fact. We do not currently employ any lawyers in our showroom or in our workshop and the only place law is confirmed is in the court!!