April 2008





Road tax: how much do I pay?

Motorhomes weighing up to 3.5 tonnes Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) are registered as ‘private light goods’ vehicles and are charged at the following rates:
• Vehicles registered before 1 March 2001:
Engine capacity 1549 or less - £115.00
Engine capacity greater than 1549 cc - £180.00

• Vehicles registered after 1 March 2001 - £175.00

All motorhomes over 3.5 tonnes MAM are registered as 'Private HGV', which currently costs £165.00.

Don’t forget that if you are keeping your motorhome off road for the winter, you can send a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to the DVLA and save yourself some money. Don’t be tempted not to renew your tax disc during the winter months as every vehicle now has to be taxed unless you have declared SORN - the DVLA can check your non-renewal via its computer system and fine you for non-payment of road tax.

Go to the DVLA website at www.dvla.gov.uk to find out more.