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The Southdowns guide to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I only passed my driving test last year. Can I drive any size motorcaravan?

A. No. drivers who passed their test after 1 January 1997 can only drive vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) up to 3500 kg unless they pass an additional test. There are also limits on what they can tow. You can get full details from the DVLA on their website at:


Q. Do I need to a television licence for my motorhome.

A. Probably not. If you have one at home, you do not need one for your motorhome. If you don't have one at home you probably don't want one in your motorhome.

The official TV licensing agency have a website here.


Q. Do you fit TV system.

A. Yes we do - lots of them! Us brits seems determined to take Coronation Street with us wherever we go. For more details please see or Accessories section or give us a call.


Q. Do I have to have seat belts fitted in the back if I carry passengers?.

A. A very big question. We have tried to give a fairly succinct answer on our Seat Belt page.


Q. What are the speed limits for a motorhome?

A. As long as your motorhome is less than 12 meters long, under 7,500 Kg  and not towing a trailer then the same rules apply as for a car.


Single Carriageway 60 mph
Dual Carriageway 60 mph
Motorway 70 mph

If you are towing a trailer then

Single Carriageway 60 mph
Dual Carriageway 60 mph
Motorway 60 mph

More information about speed limits can be obtained from The Highway Code Online.


Q. Do you offer Finance?

A. Yes, at Southdowns we offer Motorhome finance through our Partner Black Horse Caravan & Motorhome Finance


Q. How much will my finance cost?

A. That will depend on how much you want to borrow and over what period you wish to repay the finance - at Southdowns we can give you a quote.


Q. How much are the payments if I want to borrow 17,000?

A. Again, the amount you pay will depend on what period you wish to repay the finance - it can be from 1 year up to 10 years.


Q. What interest rate do you charge?

A. As interest rates vary from time to time Southdowns and  Black Horse will provide you with the best possible deal at the time you arrange the finance for your  motorhome.


Q. Do I need a deposit?

A. Sometimes but not always. Southdowns staff can advise you on this matter and provide you with a finance deal to suit your circumstances.


Q. How do I apply for finance?

A. Once you have chosen the motorhome you want simply ask us to give you a finance quote - we can give you the figures there and then in the dealership. It's really quick and easy.


Q. Can I apply online?

A. Southdowns can give you a finance quote and process your application online at our showrooms and in some cases can give you a decision whilst you are here. It is not possible to apply online via either our own website or via the Black Horse website.


If you have something to ask us or have a question and answer that might be of interest, please Contact Us at