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24th June 2006

Concorde New Motorhome Side Wall Press Being Uploaded

Concorde put the pressure on

Concorde is growing and growing: at a time when other companies are making cutbacks, the Aschbach concern is still able to expand. Now, just a few weeks after the production hall was officially inaugurated, the company has now taken delivery of its latest pride and joy: the new heating press worth around 350,000 euros.

Weighing a staggering 71 tonnes, this machine was transported to Franconia from the Italian city of Bergamo on a heavy goods vehicle with police escort and will be used to manufacture motorhome side wall panels measuring up to 11 by 2.85 metres from February 2006 onwards.

The main advantage of the new press for Concorde is not so much the maximum producible length of wall panel, however, but rather the fact that it will be capable of manufacturing two wall panels for smaller vehicles with a single pressing operation in the future. This will save a great deal of time and promises to accelerate the manufacturing cycle considerably.

Here are just some of the details for the technology enthusiasts among you: the heating plates produced by "Orma" in Italy were designed as one-piece plates and have been made of milled and polished steel panels that are nine centimetres thick. These will no longer be heated with electricity, but with water.

Air is blown under the conveyor belt, providing an air cushion that carries the side wall panels through the press. Twelve of the 21 hydraulic cylinders can be controlled individually or in groups in order to adapt the pressing force to the shape and size of the panels.

But Concorde's thirst for expansion has by no means been quenched by the new press: further investments amounting to more than 2 million euros are planned for 2006 alone.