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Concorde Factory Tour being conducted by Concorde CEO Jochen Reimann

Winter 2005

Concorde's New Motorhome Production Hall Opens

The moment finally came last weekend, when the brand-new production hall was inaugurated on Concorde's premises in Aschbach.

A perfect occasion for a really fantastic get-together: more than 250 Concorde motorhomes braved the continuous Franconian rain to bring well in excess of 500 visitors, who refused to let the weather god's capers put a damper on their good spirits, to the company's premises between Friday and Monday.

The most obvious sign of this was their enthusiastic participation in tours of the plant and in the engineering forum, which offered Concorde users an opportunity to pose any questions.

By building the new production hall, Concorde Reisemobile GmbH set a significant signal in times that are not exactly rosy in the general economic environment: Concorde is growing!

A fact which can hardly be better demonstrated than by the course of the construction project itself: when building started in November 2003, the plans provided for 90 x 25 metres, an area that had already increased to 100 x 25 metres in April last year. And - things are done in a big way at Concorde, after all - a further 45 metres had been added to our masterpiece before we moved in.

The current benchmark figures are appropriately impressive: the total area amounts to 3625 square metres, with 625 square metres accommodated by the new carpentry workshop and furnishing preassembly department. A Concorde motorhome runs through a total of 22 production stations here.

And while we're on the subject of space: expansion had become essential. This was not just due to the increasing sales figures, but was primarily because of the larger dimensions of the vehicles, which had grown considerably in recent years.

Expansion not only took place in terms of area, but also with respect to the number of employees, which was augmented by around 13 percent in the last two years alone - increasing the workforce from 122 to 139. The number of apprentices and trainees another factor that is far from being unimportant at the moment - also grew to the current six.

Another little example of arithmetic relating to the creation of new jobs perhaps: while a foreman, four mechanics and a member of staff responsible for dispatching spare parts were employed in the workshop in 2003, another 16 people work there today under the management of Armin Dietz, who is in charge of after-sales service. And there is a clear upward tendency with respect to further expanding the offered range of services.

There are many examples of this, the production hall being just one of them. Building work was completed on our new 750 square metre furniture warehouse in September, to be followed by the new machine workshop which manufactures the wall panels offering an impressive 1140 square metres of floor space in November. These will be supplemented by a brand-new press with glue spreading machine and there are construction plans for other buildings already waiting for implementation in the near future.