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Southdowns Workshop Technicans With Their World Cup Flags

July 2006

An Englishman a Ghanaian and a German walk into a bar....

As many of you know, the World Cup is currently talking place in Germany. Now lots of companies are having to make time for their staff to watch the football. Usually its only the England games that are considered important, but here at Southdowns Motorcaravans we have a much more complicated situation...

In our workshop we have a German, a Ghanaian as well as the usual flag waving Englishman.

I am pleased to report that as none of the teams have played each other (and with England and Ghana now out of the competition  there is no chance) that the banter has all been 'fairly' light-hearted and jovial.

It even looks like we might be cheering Germany on in the finals.

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