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12th November 2007

EFOY joins Concorde's Electric Package

Additional Power for you Motorhome from Concorde and Southdowns

At this year's Caravan salon in Dusseldorf Concorde was presenting its new Electro-autarkic package. This package will be available as an option for all Concorde models including Carver, Charisma, Cruiser and Liner, and assures, because of the intelligent combination of solar cell and fuel cell, the all-season autarky of the motor home.

An EFOY 1600 fuel cell, including an M10 cartridge, a 120-W-solar panel and a Mastervolt combi-charger, is used for the Electro- autarkic package by Concorde. As long as the battery is charged by the solar panel when the sun is shining, the EFOY-fuel cell is on stand-by and no fuel at all is used . When the solar panel cannot deliver enough electricity, the EFOY-fuel cell is changing fully automatic to charging and assures that the batteries are charged at night or when the weather is bad. Like at home, this intelligent combination of the two power sources guarantees electricity far from the socket, always and everywhere.

Jochen Reimann, managing director of Concorde Reisemobile GmbH, explains what let to the cooperation between his company and SFC: “On average Concorde-customers are away with their motor home several months a year and that is why they are especially demanding. They also do not accept any compromises when they are travelling and therefore they need a secure and uncomplicated electricity supply. Our Electro-autarkic package, in which the EFOY- fuel cell is an essential part, meets all demands.”

“We are very proud that Concorde, one of the leading motor home manufacturers, has decided for an energy concept with the EFOY-fuel cell for the autarkic electricity supply of its high-class motor homes”, says Doctor Peter Podesser, chief executive officer of SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG. “The advantages of a clean as well as weather and season independent electricity supply increases use and comfort for the very demanding motor home owner.”

Southdowns Motorcaravans are pleased to be appointed the UK's first retailer / installer of EFOY Fuel Cells. We are pleased to be able to retrospectively fit this exceptional product to a wide range of new and used motorhomes.

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