27/02/2017 Latest News: Rod & Steve Freeman's Charity Sky-Dive For Olivia & The Ronald McDonald House Charity
The World Record Breaking T@B Caravan with Porsche Cayenne

T@B_Speed -World record T@B: 230.97 km/h!

Something Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear Team would be proud of (If they'd though of it first!)

And now something for those who still think the T@B is just a cute temporary fashion for trend-conscious caravan lovers...

At the Michelin Driving Centre to the north of Berlin one silver 'T@B' arrow had a date with a gorgeous silvery Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Not just a normal Cayene you understand. Oh no! But one that had been tuned like a proper car by the experts of TechArt.

510 HP under the Porsche's bonnet. And a T@B on the back!!

The long awaited day finally arrived. Sticking to the racing line, adrenaline flowing, and sure enough a new world record. 7 km/h faster than any car and caravan combination before, a stunning 230.97 km/h.

Don't you dare!!

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