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31st March 2008

Rimor Kat 69P Layouts Showing Lrge Rear Island Bed





The new Rimor Katamarano 69/P featuring the large rear island bed

New Rimor Katamarano 69P

Island bed, low profile with lively fabrics and an great price.

Southdowns are pleased to announce a new Rimor model for the summer, the new Katamarano 69/P.

Initially developed for the demanding French market, the Katamarano 69/P is a Katamarano version of the popular Sailer 669 Suite.

The model features a large rear fixed island bed in a low profile vehicle, ideal for couples who wish to explore Europe in comfort.

The new model also benefits from the key features of the Katamarano range; functional, practical & comfortable with lively colours and an excellent price.

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