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14th May 2008

Which Motorcaravan Report on TV Brackets





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'Which Motorcaravan' magazine asks Which TV mount?

Answer - Take a Look at The Concorde Charisma Television

The next issue of 'Which Motorcaravan' magazine includes a review of the many TV brackets that are available on the market these days.

Here at Southdowns we know just how important it is to place your TV in the best location in your motorhome.

We've seen plenty of vans where the occupants can't really see the TV. Or TV's where watching Jeremy Clarkson is a pain in the neck in more ways than one.

But to enable us to fit TV is just the right location we have to have lots of different TV brackets in stock. Our approach is that ever time someone offers us a new TV bracket, we stock it because it is going to come in useful sooner or later.

So, did 'Which Motorcaravan' come up with a winner amongst the various TV mounts on offer?

Yes, as they say in the June issue of Which Motorcaravan, "Concorde takes the biscuit with the slide up TV"

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