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24th July 2008

Trevor Swann, Southdowns Aftersales Manager

Trevor Swann, Southdowns Aftersales Manager

Southdowns appoint Aftersales Manager

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Swann

Trevor Swann, joined the company on 1st July 2008.

Trevor is a mature and experienced Aftersales Manager with many years experience in the motor trade. He is very customer focused with a good technical background and a sound grasp of IT systems. Trevor is also a long time caravan owner.

Trevor will have responsibility for all aspects of our aftersales business with the task of modernising and streamlining our systems and our processes. He will have responsibility for our workshop staff, our workshop bookings and our workshop loading. He will also have responsibility for our warranty processes.

Trevor's is very much a customer facing member of staff and his key role is to offer a very high level of service to our aftersales customers.

I am sure that as Southdowns customers, both old and new, get to know Trevor over the forthcoming years, you will come to appreciate and rely his knowledge and his efforts.