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Laika Restyle Kreos Range for 2009 Season

01st January 2009

Laika launch Kreos 5001 SL

True Italian Class

Laika have unveiled the latest addition to the model line-up, a prestigious coachbuilt that represents something of a novelty in the Laika production range; The Laika 5001 SL.

Built on the huge Iveco Daily rear wheel drive 50C18 Chassis with rear wheel wheels and boasting a 3 litre 176bhp turbo-diesel engine, the 5001 SL has a 5200Kg Gross Vehicle Weight and measure 8.45 meters in length.

New external colouring, mainly black and white with red stripe take its colours from the Laika logo. The interior features dark wood design with elegant 100% LED lighting.

The 5001 SL is not only beautiful but very functional too. Six homologated seats and six berth, large living area that can seat 8 comfortably.

A domestic type sliding door separates the daytime living areas from the night area, creating a pleasant wardrobe area.

The vehicle has a wide under floor compartment which is well lit and easily accessible from both sides, giving a carrying capacity befitting the vehicle's 5200Kg Gross Vehicle Weight.

Laika's Double Garage System had been developed fro those who engage in active past-times including winter sports. The wide internal garage has a huge capacity and is divided into two separate areas to allow easier stowage and access. The garage is heated and equipped with a cloth stand and removable draining basins which allow great storage for wet skiing equipment so they can allow to dry. The little door between the vehicle and the garage allows for easy collection of dry equipment.

The vehicle also comes equipped with an outside shower for hosing down dirty gear before storage.

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