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The NCC Motorhome and Caravan Show NEC Birmingham October 2011 Logo

27th January 2011

The NCC Motorhome & Caravan Show, The NEC Birmingham, 11th - 16th October 2011

2011 sees the industry coming together to launch its own show, where visitor and exhibitor prices are kept as low as possible for the benefit of those who love the touring lifestyle.

The NEW NCC Motorhome and Caravan Show is run by the industry, for the good of caravanning and caravanners. The industry will benefit from greatly reduced exhibitor rates and the public should benefit from a better show!

A few words from the industry leaders:

Nick Lomas, The Caravan Club
“It’s wonderful to see the industry running their own show and we look forward to working pro-actively with the manufacturers for the benefit of our members”

Robert Louden, The Camping & Caravanning Club
“We are fully supporting the new show and see it as a great opportunity to grow the market and bring new customers into the caravanning industry”

Peter Smith from Swift
“Swift are 100% committed to this new show and I am thrilled that the industry has taken control of it's own destiny”

Andrew Ayling from Southdowns Motorcaravans
"We do a lot of motorhome shows, and it's true that sometimes we feel they aren't run either for the benefit of the motorhome industry or the motorhome buying public. We're glad to see things changing."


Rob Quine from Elddis
“The space that manufacturers take at industry shows is immense and at current exhibitor rates, it is simply unsustainable. The savings on space alone will come as a welcome to all, and in turn will benefit the consumer.”

Jim Hibbs from Coachman
“I’m pleased to be one of the founding members and to be leading the industry into a brighter future.”

Patrick Howard from Bailey
“It’s fantastic that the industry has come together and can now offer a truly co-ordinated marketing effort to drive higher consumer traffic to the show. This in turn benefits all of the industry and the visiting public will pay lower entry prices.”

Brian Mellor from Lunar
“This is a great opportunity to really develop an exhibition that delivers a far better customer experience.”

Francois Feuillet from Trigano
“This is fantastic! The industry is coming together, combining all their intelligence to gain a truly complete picture of our caravanning market. I am in no doubt that this will result in increased visitors to the show.”




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