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2011 Motorhome of the Year: Burstner Ixeo Time IT 585

28 January 2011

Which Motorhome Awards 2011: Motorhome of the Year

Burstner Ixeo Time IT 585

Choosing your new motorhome usually involves compromises.

When looking at anything but the largest vehicles the question is do you go for the comfort and
convenience of a fixed bed or the open plan layout of a nice roomy lounge?

Well, Burstner have the perfect answer for you in the Ixeo time it 585. Unbelievably,
with their usual innovation, Burstner have incorporated both a spacious
lounge and a fixed bed into a vehicle under 6 metres in length, and just to add
icing to the cake it includes one of the most spacious kitchens in any motorhome!!

And if you want even more room check out the Ixeo it 645 and the A-Class
Aviano i 645. Typical Burstner - Innovation and a feeling of unlimited wellbeing!

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It's good. It's the best. It's in stock.

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