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Facelisted 20100 Concorde Liner A-Class - The best gets better

Facelifted 20100 Concorde Liner A-Class - The best gets better

2nd February 2011

Facelift 2011 Concorde Liner - The Best Gets Better

Great new front end, great new interior, great new model layouts for new season

Whatever you may demand from our motorhomes will constitute the basis for the development of each Concorde. Therefore we do not only give our vehicles a new exterior but improve them inside as well as outside. The proof: our Concorde Liner of the generation 2011.

Distinguishing shapes, curving lines and a dynamic design - the new Linerís exterior is characterised by these elements. With the clear-cut, slanted roof hood, the newly designed grille and the innovative lights equipped with LED daytime running lights and static cornering lights we have given the Liner a completely new face.

When you enter the redesigned cockpit you will be excited about the dashboard of the 2011 generation: improved ergonomics, a cooled bottle compartment and lots of trays and storage facilities provide still more convenience. With the selection of materials, emphasis was placed on creating an atmosphere you expect to find in a motorhome of the premium segment.

Let yourself be surprised.

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