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What Happens When You Give a Blogger a Compass Avantgarde Camper Van?

Francesca Dal Bello aka GR8Fool Lives the Vanlife

Francesca Dal Bello Gr8Fool Compass Avantgarde Vanlife Blog

"I can’t remember who planted this seed in my head, but one day someone mentioned to me that there are companies out there who sometimes look to loan campervans to bloggers. I thought: “blogging? me? Nah…nah..”. Oh my, the preconceptions I had. Whoops!"

"Well…a few months later, one very early morning, I was laying on my bed back in my London flat. I was fully awake at 4am, suffering from the longest jet-lag ever. It lasted almost 2 weeks! That morning, I read through a few motorhome and campervan bloggers and found by chance a reference to the wonderful adventures of David and Karen of “The Grey Gappers”, completing an 18-month journey in a motorhome loaned by Elddis. This blog suggested that perhaps the same company may be looking for new adventurers. The article was already old, dating a few months back, November 2017. It was now March 2018, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I typed up an open-heart email to the team at Elddis, enquiring on the possibility of travelling in one of their vehicles and share my experience online too! "

"I can’t describe the excitement I felt when I received their reply within that same week, with a potential proposal that we could discuss. It made me dance like Snoopy! Then of course, the worries and concerns kicked in too, and I freaked out a little…but I knew, especially judging from my first reaction, that something was very right about going with it"

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