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Concorde Centurion - The Video

The Dream Castle on Wheels Available at Southdowns

With the new Centurion, the many years of experience and development of the Concorde premium flagship have flowed into a perfect, majestic vehicle. Two versions, an integrated and a partially-integrated land yacht, unite the nearly unsurpassable luxury and the highest level of comfort. The dream of the drivable castle has come true.

Concorde Centurion Model Range

Land Yacht with a Dingy!

The Centurion is a single-family home with an “underground garage” on up to eight wheels. We fulfil the dream of independence in the partially-integrated version with one floor plan, in the integrated version with two floor plans. Up to 26 tonnes of gross vehicle weight is distributed over up to 12 metres. With a vehicle width of up to 2.5 metres and a height of 3.85 metres, there is plenty of room to stretch out inside the land yacht. Air-sprung axles with omnibus comfort and 6 cylinder engines with up to 350 kW / 476 PS make for a driving experience on cloud nine.

Concorde Centurion with Fiat 500 Car Garage

The New Dimensions of Living

The creatively developed “Rotondo” furniture design lets furniture lines flow with style and blend right into the rounded wall panels. The exquisite material selection stands out with its velvety-soft surfaces with a depth effect and its silky-matt appearance. The horizontal furniture inlay in the “Atlas cedar” style features brushed stainless steel pilasters running with the grain which continue into the wall elements. This harmony is not only an eye-catcher, but it also opens up the room and divides the high cabinets into individual elements. Different floor coverings emphasise the room division and highlight its character. The “Amtico” living space floor with the ship deck look and the “Dark Walnut” design consists of individual sticks with silver-coloured joints which harmonise perfectly with the stainless steel touches of the furniture. The interior design with its accentuated and emotional design language and sensual style elements radiates a unique kind of harmony.

Concorde Centurion Bedroom
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Concorde Centurion Garage List Up

Concorde Centurion Entry Door
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