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Carthago Win Two Motorhome of The Year Awards

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Promobile Magazine Motorhome of The Year Awards 2019

In the vote for Motorhome of the Year in the German promobil magazine, the Carthago Group achieved three first places with its Carthago and Malibu brands, and therefore achieved a record result. Carthago achieved a double victory for the fourth time in a row.

The Carthago C-Compactline achieved first place in the “A-Class Motorhomes up to €80,000” category, and the Carthago Chic C-Line model range also won an award, The Chic C-line T was given first place by the readers in the category “Low-Profile Motorhomes Over €60,000” In the last four years, Carthago has achieved 20 first places in the promobil reader’s votes.

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2019  Carthago C-Compactline Motorhome of The Year Award
2019  Carthago C-Line T Motorhome of The Year Award
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